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As at July 2018 my Tree has just over 2,900 people, almost equally divided between men and women from 900 families. The earliest recorded birth is William Crumplehere born about 1560 and proven by the Wills of William (died 1614) and Marie Crumpelhere, the second wife of Richard, who died in Winterborne Kingston 1595. In his Will William asks that “my body be buried in the church litten of Kingston aforesaid a neere unto the place as my father was buried”. Taking this to a logical conclusion reveals the burial of Richard Crumpleher, 13 January 1595, Winterborne Kingston, as the only burial that would have met the criterion. Further, William as the son of Richard, is substantiated in Marie’s, Richard’s wife’s Will of 1595, which contains the passage: “I give to William Crumplehere my husband’s best coat and shirt.” Currently (September 2018) we have 171 persons whose last name contains “Vine”, just under 200 “Crumpler” or variations, “Berry” 65, “Chalmers” 56 and “Edwards” 29. For privacy reasons I have not ventured any further down than my generation. However there must be many numbers not yet included in the Tree. The Crumpler family entries would have the potential to raise numbers by may be in excess of 200. My Research site "Bob Vine Lower Hutt New Zealand" may be found at www.bobvine.nz

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